10 days, 2018

In collaboration with
Selvi Olgac, Birnur Sahin

How might we improve asthmatics daily life by facilitating the medication process?

Asthma 101


people has asthma worldwide


use their inhaler correctly

Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease in the airways of the lungs and is triggered by multiple factors such as allergies, air pollution, sickness, exercise or weather. The unpredictable nature of these triggers makes it hard to know when and where an attack may occur.

We started this project by researched why, how, when and where people are using their asthma inhaler and what the process looks like. Shaking the inhaler to mix the medicine, timing the spray release with inhalation, and making sure the medicine stays in your lungs by holding your breath are all crucial, but it turns out these steps are often overlooked.  Due to the fixed medicine dosage and uncertainty if the medicine was inhaled correctly, over- and under-medication is also common. Circa 300 million people has asthma worldwide¹, and among the asthmatics that use an inhaler only about 10 to 30% use it correctly².


This is

Otto combines the process of monitoring, logging and medicating into one seamless experience. How much medicine do I need today? Did I inhale correctly? Is my condition improving? Otto guides the user through the process with lights and sounds and lets you know.

Otto works by exhaling through the mouthpiece to take a peak flow measurement. Medicine dosage is adjusted automatically based on the measurement and inhaled in spray-form through the same mouthpiece. The lights work as silent indicators of progress, while the sounds function as confirmation and attention-grabbers; in tandem they are a non-intrusive but reliable process feedback-mechanism and makes sure medication is inhaled the right way and in the right amount. Measurements are logged in the background and sent to the patient’s digital journal when Otto is charging, allowing experts to get a deeper understanding of each individuals condition.

Redefined asthma management process


Shake Otto to wake it up, simultaneously mixing the medication.


Exhale through the mouthpiece to take a peak flow measurement. Dose is adjusted based on the result.


Inhale the dose. Lights count down for you and a sound lets you know when you’re done.


Measurement data is logged in the backend and sent to your digital journal when Otto is charged.


No buttons. No screen. No app. Just breathe.

Color, material & finish

Otto’s CMF is semi-medical to stay and feel hygienic. The mouthpiece is translucent to convey a feeling of purity, while the mouthpiece ring comes in multiple colors to visually separate reliever and preventer medication (and allow for a personal touch). The color palette is toned-down compared to current inhalers to make Otto blend in better with other everyday objects, rather than stand out.

Function & sustainability

By utilizing a new type of medicine delivery that is activated by inhalation (rather than pressing a button), we removed the step of having to time the spray-release with inhalation, a step still necessary in current asthma medicine management products. Using two membranes directed in opposite directions we could use the mouthpiece for both measuring exhalation values and inhaling the asthma medicine.

Otto is re-useable as the mouthpiece can be separated and cleaned/exchanged. The medicine canister can also be changed by opening the bottom cap.

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